Dark Side of Ptolus

An Underwater Adventure

How Do I Smell Underwater?

Jaecyn spun about, stabbing the assailant, a sahuagin, in the shoulder and deftly dodging away. The trio looked and saw that they were being attacked by two sahuagin scouts, one on either side of them, and their two shark mounts. A fierce combat followed, with Kel and Jaecyn almost going down. The day was saved, however, by Content Not Found: quillong, a triton who arrived and provided assistance. After the fight, the triton told the three heroes that his city had received notice that the Covenant of Blood, a group of vampires working with the Balacazars who held a pact with sahuagin had called the fish-men to excavate the wreck. This was the first time they had called the allies in almost a century. The sahuagin had been removing the cargo and taking it to an underwater cave about a mile away. He pointed them in the direction, indicating that they could follow the trail of debris relatively easily; the sahuagin had made no effort to conceal their path, not thinking anyone would follow them. Kel thanked Quillong, and the triton departed.

The three returned to the boat and relayed their tale. They began to consider abandoning the task and to wonder why Linech wanted his daughter’s body back if was trying to avoid being killed by the Balacazars, causing Seamus to let slip that he needed what was in the coffin. At this, Pieter grabbed the man and dunked his head in the water several times, demanding that he elaborate. Seamus reluctantly revealed that inside the coffin was a watch which he believed was possessed by a demon who had taught men how to process shivvel. He said that Linech wanted the watch back to use it to parlay for his life with the Balacazars. With this revelation, the party decided that more of them should go down to retrieve Linele and the watch, fearing that there would likely be many more sahuagin in the cave.

Irontusk, Seamus, and Louis all imbibed their potions, and everyone but Pieter descended into the depths. They entered the cave and began following the winding tunnels. Eventually, the tunnel open up into a large cavern. Suddenly, a large reptilian head erupted from a hole in the ground and bit Irontusk. The young black dragon emerged the rest of the way and let out a fearsome roar at the party. The heroes lept into action. Louis and Kel charged the monster, their swords flying, and Irontusk attempted to get behind the dragon to strangle it. Jaecyn and the wizard stood back, pelting the creature with bolts and spells. Seamus attempted to run away, but was stopped by Louis. Eventually, he got away, but returned when Pieter threatened his life.

The party was caught off guard when the dragon released an inky residue from his mouth, filling the cavern with darkness. The warriors struggled about, being attacked by their hidden assailant until, at last, they were able to force the dragon out of the darkness and stop it from continuing to release the ink. They surrounded the beast, and Irontusk was able to get behind it, strangling it to death.

The party removed the dragon’s scales and continued through the cavern, finding a tunnel which head straight upward. Jaecyn, Irontusk, and Seamus ascended slowly, eventually breaking the surface. They were in a cavern underneath the island. Across the water, about 30 feet away, they saw the place where the sahuagin had been stacking the cargo from the Arrowhead. There were two well-armed Balacazar guards, several other thugs, and two prisoners—a female dwarf and an asserai (lizardman).

Jaecyn and Irontusk slowly swam to the dry land while Seamus returned to inform the others. The group attacked the guards, getting help from the dwarven woman and from the slightly-insane asserai, whose scales had been pierced and affixed with bells, making him jingle with every movement. After the fight was over, they sent Seamus out the surface-level tunnel to get the boat while they searched the area.

Irontusk subtly helped himself to a supply of shivvel, sealing it in glass bottles to ensure it stayed dry. Jaecyn went up a stone staircase and found a locked iron door. Listening, he heard many voices on the other side. Fearing being outnumbered and overpowered, he returned to the others to urge upon them hast. Louis and Kel found the glass coffin shattered to pieces, apparently from the inside, and a trail of glass leading into the water away from the other tunnel. At this point, Pieter and Seamus arrived; Pieter knocked Seamus unconscious for lying to him.

The group followed the trail of glass and found that it led down another deep tunnel. At the bottom, they found Linele. She rocked absently and stroked a pocket watch, the possessed target of their mission, with her long, skeletal fingers. As they approached her, they were overcome with images of her happy life being torn apart by raiders and her innocent confusion about why it happened. The wizard and Kel were able to shake off the illusion and convince her to come with them back to her father. They returned to the boat and left the cave.

On the way back to Ptolus, Jaecyn slipped the watch from the girl’s hand, replacing it with a stolen necklace. The group discussed what they should do with the artifact. They considered keeping it, selling it to the Balacazars or to Killraven, returning it to Linech, and even giving to the the Lords of Castle Shard. At Lestivar’s urging, Pieter, stated that they should take it to the Malkuth, a group of angels, in the Pale Tower for safe keeping.

At that point, a sahuagin leaped from the water, grabbed Kel, and pulled him into the bay.



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