Dark Side of Ptolus

Rise of the Urchins

Come to Me My Children

Upon returning from exploring the Dungeon, the party dispersed to take care of various personal business. The ranger headed to Myraeth’s Oddities to sell his pilfered loot. He then headed to Rastor’s Weapons weapons to buy arrows, but found that the litorian did not care for elvenkind, charging him an outrageous price. Leaving that shop, he went to the nearby Bull and Bear Armory, where he met the young, overexcited Illtumar Shon. He bought a quiver of arrows. He then left the city using the South Gate to reach the Tent City. There, he met Content Not Found: pieter, who demanded from him goodness. They argued for some time, eventually causing the ranger to swear an oath to Avandra.

The pair joined up with the rest of the party at the tenement in Oldtown. From there, they decided to head to Theldrat’s shop to return his father’s key to him. When they arrived, they found the locksmith supervising the repair of his window by a crew of gnomes. They gave him the key, and he elatedly tried to open a padlock on his bandoleer. It didn’t work. Surprised, he tried to open another, then another, then another. Realizing that the power of the key to open any lock was broken, he threw to the ground in frustration and demanded that the party tell him what they did to it. Understanding that the key was his method of success, Kel assured him that they did nothing to it. Theldrat looked about nervously at the gnomes, saying, “I can’t let them know that I haven’t any skill. My associates will ruin me.” He thanked the party for their help and assured them that the offer of favors still stood, even though he would have to find another way to pick locks in order to hide his loss from his “associates.”

From there, the party returned to Oldtown to return the book ravaged tome to the City Library. When they arrived, they paid the 1 shield entry fee and were admitted to see Thelian. He was very glad to see them, but he was horrified at the damage the book had suffered. He was intrigued, however, by the fact that the book was now open, allowing the scholars at the library to study what remained of the text. He filled out a note of credit for the agreed to 100 golden thrones and gave it to the party. The party, unwisely, immediately headed to the library’s accounting offices and exchanged it for coinage.

Next, the party desired to sell some of the jewelry and art they had looted from the Halls of Blood, so they went to Myraeth’s Oddities. The gnome was in a very good mood that afternoon, and he cut them several good deals on the trinkets.

After having successfully transformed their jewelry into gold, the party split up. Louis, Kel and the ranger headed to the Ghostly Minstrel to look for work on the bulletin board. Pieter, meanwhile, began to stroll about the streets of Midtown, helping women with chores and talking to the children playing. He stopped one urchin, called Kip, and asked him where the kid would like to have dinner. The boy responded that he was just going to steal a loaf of bread from a street vendor; he had no money. Pieter corrected him, asking, “Where would you like to eat dinner? What’s good?” Understanding, the boy responded that Mary’s house had the best food and that it was free, but he would like to get there in a carriage. Pieter obliged and hailed a cab. At the house, he asked the matron, Mary, why she ran the kitchen. She responded that they were a lot of hungry mouths feed and not enough spoons feeding them. Impressed with her work, Pieter gave the women an exhorbent 10 gold thrones; it seemed that Pieter was becoming very cavalier with his money. Despite his over-generosity, Lestivar, the intelligent holy symbol, congratulated him on his choice, stating that charity was a delightful virtue. During the meal, the cleric talked to many of the children, attempting to build a network of contacts.

The job seekers, meanwhile, found a posting to their liking regarding finding a daughter kidnapped by gnolls. They noted the name and the tavern, The Black Swan, and headed towards Tavern Row. On the way, they heard screams coming from a back alleyway. Investigating, they found a red-headed girl, showing some signs of being pregnant, being attacked by two Pale Dogs. They rushed down the alleyway. Seeing heavily-armed and armored delvers approaching them, the thugs ran, jumping a fence. The heroes decided to let them; Kel went to comfort the sobbing girl. She told them that her name was Phon Quartermail and that she was on her way home from work at Saches in Longbottom when they attacked. At that instant, Louis was pegged in the back of the head with a slingstone. Looking up, they saw that the two assailants had returned and were attacking. The thugs were quickly dispatched. The larger one, Orty, was quickly killed. The slighter, Derrel was intimidated by holding him over the edge of a roof until he answered their questions.

The Dog told them that he and Orty had been hired by a man named Doffel to off the girl. He gave them 10 imperials to do the job with the promise of 40 more once it was finished. They were supposed to meet him at an abandoned warehouse the next night. The address was in Orty’s pocket. Pleased with his information, but not wanting him to get away, they brought him along with them.

At the same time as Jaecyn and Louis were intimidating the thug, Kel was consoling Phon. She thanked them for their help and asked if he could take her home. He quickly agreed and helped her up. On the way to her house, he asked her if she knew of anyone who might want to hurt her. She replied that she didn’t know; she assumed that they were just muggers, who had been becoming more common recently. As they walked, Kel noticed that Phon was showing some signs of being pregnant, and he cautiously asked who the father was. At about that time, they arrived at her home on Crispan Street, and she avoided answering the question by excusing herself for the evening. She thanked him very much for his help and went into her house. Later, the party regrouped and relayed what they had done that evening. As it was late and the meeting time on Orty’s note was not until Theoday night, two days away, they decided not to enter the dangerous Guildsman District and to return to their tenement for the night.

The next morning, the party headed to the address on the note, in the Guildsman District. They found the large red warehouse locked and seemingly abandoned. Pieter found a child selling broadsheets and asked him what went on in the warehouse. The boy responded that no one used the building regularly, but that it was owned by the powerful Ironworker’s Guild. Jan, the warlock, whom Kel had met at the tenement, suggested that they go to the Guildhouse of Iron to my to get a key to the warehouse.

Entering the guildhouse, they found it much more like a social club than any sort of administrative building. Even though it was early morning, the front barroom was filled with Ironworkers, including common laborers, skilled artisans, and well-dressed managers. An individual wearing an expensive purple suit, introducing himself as Regent Haberdon, approached the warlock and asked what he could do for them. Jan inquired about the red warehouse, and the regent told him that it had not been used in several years, but that it occupied a valuable location, so the guild would not destroy it or sell it. The spellcaster then asked if there was any chance they could get a key to the building. The guildsman glanced about, then replied, “Why don’t you buy me a drink?” Several bouncers approached the rest of the party and asked to see their membership papers. Having none, they were asked to leave, but Haberdon signaled to the guards to let them be.

The guildsman took his drink and pulled out his key ring. He removed a small key and subtlely gave it to Jan, telling him that he needed it back the following night and to not cause any trouble. The party took the key to the warehouse, scouted out the terrain, and planned an ambush.

Fearing for her safety in their absence, Kel and Jaecyn returned to Phon’s house and asked if she would be willing to have Jaecyn stay with her to protect her. She agreed, and the rogue was allowed inside.

During this time, the ranger grew very ill, and he began to cough up combinations of dust and blood from his lungs. Feeling that he may have contracted a disease or curse from the tomb he plundered, he sought out clerical healing. Going to Saint Gustav’s Chapel in Delver’s Square, Brother Fabitor regretfully informed him that the ranger did not have the necessary funds to pay for the healing ritual. He then headed to the Temple of Avandra, where he was outright dismissed. His health becoming worse, he entered the observatory Temple of The Watcher of the Skies and was met by a tall, bald man wearing dark blue and purple vestments. The man, Helmut Iltstein, agreed to heal the ranger, performing the ritual for a very low price. The ritual was horrifically painful and nearly killed the elf, but he survived and was cured. The party has not seen him since.

At the warehouse, Kel, Louis, Pieter, and Jan waited anxiously in the dark for the arrival of the contracted killers. An hour before the scheduled time, the rear entrance was unlocked and two individuals, a burly elf called Lucio, and a slender human called, Content Not Found: vaggar entered with their great dane, Marcus. The pair began to move into position for their ambush. As Vaggar reached the top of the stairs, he spotted Pieter crouched and waiting. He called out to Lucio that someone was already there and jumped back to the floor, crouching behind a crate and loosing an arrow at the cleric. A fierce combat ensued, ending with Lucio and the dog dead and Vaggar restrained.

At first, Vaggar was unwilling to talk, but threats on his life were able to convince him to reveal the name of his employer, as long as the party would take him to the Watchhouse in the district. He told the group that he and Lucio were hired to kill Phon by a small-time hood in Midtown named Content Not Found: toridan. The party then escorted him to the Watchhouse, where he was incarcerated. After having him locked up, they realized they had more questions for him, so they returned to talk to the hood about the whereabouts of Toridan’s operation and why he might want Phon killed. He smiled and replied, “By my reckoning, I’m pretty safe inside this cell and don’t have to tell you a thing.”



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