Dark Side of Ptolus

The Key to Adventure

Leaving the Blue Dragon Inn after being paid for helping Mikaiel, a Dragonborn moneylender, to “convince” his client to repay his debts, the heroes see that a locksmith’s shop is being looted by a gang of thugs. Content Not Found: 00000 remarks that this is not their concern and moves well away from the shop. The others, however, take it upon themselves to stop the looters and move into the action. Content Not Found: 00000 and the scout take positions and launch a surprise attack. Following a brief skirmish, the thugs are apprehended and interrogated.

Near the end of the fight, Theldrat, the locksmith and owner of the shop arrives and demands to know what is happening. Theldrat frantically looks through his shop, looking for a particular key. When he is unable to find it, he begins to harass the remaining thugs, desperate to know where it is. The thugs reveal that they don’t have it but were told to loot the shop by a half-orc named Irontusk, who works for a gang down in the Docks. Theldrat implores the heroes to help him, as he explains that the key is very important to him personally and professionally. Realizing that having a talented and connected locksmith as an ally would be an asset, the heroes agree.

Following their only lead, the heroes head to the Docks and soon learn that Irontusk works on Pier 10. Finding him, they chase him across the pier area, eventually cornering him near his boat and knocking him out. Interrogating him told the party that he had been hired to steal the key by a well-dressed half-elf and very sick looking halfling who referred to themselves as members of the Green Dagger gang. He gives them a crudely drawn map to their hideout in the Guildsman District.

The captain takes Irontusk to a guard of the City Watch in order that he might be detained. The guard is surprised by the encounter, relieves the half-orc of his few valuable possessions, and dumps him in an alley. “It isn’t worth the effort to detain him.”

Following their new direction, the party heads to the Guildsman District, finding the house at 117 Gem Street, near the Guildhouse of Iron. The formerly well-to-do house is in great disrepair, and the front door is barely hanging on its hinges. They trigger an alarm as they open the door, causing several of the sick and dying gangsters and a guard drake to charge them from deeper within the house.

Easily dispatching the threat, they begin searching the house, finding a sick gangster in a coma. Pieter heals him with his clerical powers, closing some the boy’s boils, but not ridding him of the sickness. He wakes and asks who they are. He goes on to explain that his name was Joell and that the gang fell sick about two weeks ago. Shortly thereafter, a cleric of Kharosh named Veltargo arrived and offered them a cure for the sickness if they could steal something for him. He can’t recall any more details but tells the party to ask the gang’s boss, Cyrathas, on the second floor.

Heading upstairs, the heroes find the gang leader, a tall, black-haired half-elf with a fondness for lizards and his twin halfling bodyguards. He demands to know why they have invaded his home and attempts to scare the party away, but quickly relents the details of his encounters with Veltargo, realizing that he could not win a fight against the heavily-armed party. He had met Veltargo earlier that afternoon, just after receiving the key from Irontusk and paying him. The cleric then arrived promptly, carrying with him a very large book. Veltargo had given him several bottles of what he claimed was an antidote to the disease, but it appears that it was fake, as the gang had only gotten worse since consuming it.

Veltargo begs the party to leave him to die in peace. He welcomes them to rob him blind, as he has no need for riches if he is going to die. Feeling some compassion, the captain promises the gangster that they will try to find a cure to the disease. The party leaves the house intact.



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