Dark Side of Ptolus

We Didn't Start the Fire

What in Lothian's name was he thinking?

Angry at the hit man and wanted more information, Jaecyn attempted to open the lock to Vaggar’s cell. Pieter excused himself. Hearing what he the rogue was doing, a guard stepped in and asked what was going on. Jaecyn could not answer, and the guard suggested that he leave. He did.

Wanting to get to the bottom of this paper trail, the party headed to Longbottom. Asking an old man burning some paper to keep warm, and giving him a shinie, Pieter learned Toridan’s address. The party went to the house and found it occupied with four awake individuals, a half-orc and a human playing blue dragonscales, a half-orc making notes in a ledger, and an old man reading a weighty tome.

The party noted the two doors and how best to take the house should combat ensue. Pieter, Kel, and Louis approached the door and knocked, hoping to convince the gangsters that they wanted work. Meanwhile, Jaecyn and Jan waited outside, hidden in the shadows of the deserted thoroughfare.

The door was opened by the human thug, who asked, “What do you want?” Kel responded that they were seeking work of a particular nature. The man looked questioningly at them, asking, “At this hour?” Pieter added that they could perhaps help with the kidnapping and killing of a young, black-haired seamstress. At this comment, the thug let them in, instructed by his boss, Toridan. The three entered the house, and the door was closed and locked behind them.

Toridan stood from his bed, laying his ledger on the table, and asked, “Now, why are you really here?” Realizing that their bluff had failed, Kel told him that they were investigating the attack on Phon Quartermail and that they wanted to know why he was targeting her. Toridan chuckled and replied, “Because I was hired to, and I was told to subcontract the job, too.” The heroes asked if he would stop his attacks on the girl. The half-orc smirked and shook his head apologetically, “Sorry, but that’s just not good business.” The hood then drew the long bowie knife from his belt and pointed it at the paladin, stating calmly, “Now, you’ll be dropping all of those pretty valuables you delvers always seem to carry and be leaving my house. You’ll stop your silly investigation, too; it’s none of your business.”

At that instant, Jaecyn loosed a quarrel from his crossbow, shattering the front window and planting it with a deafening bang into Toridan’s shoulder. A fight immediately broke out with most of the heroes taking the initiative and winning the upper hand. The old wizard Guun, however, was faster than them. He jumped up onto his bed and summoned two magma elementals inside of the small wooden house, setting the dried timbers and bedsheets aflame. The combat was fast one as the house collapsed around them. Toridan’s thugs were quickly dropped. The boss and the wizard tried to escape, each taking with them their very important books—to Guun, his spellbook and tome on magical theory, to Toridan, his ledger with his contract records. The magma monsters were dispatched and the remaining crooks subdued. The party was quick to remove themselves from the scene, retreating to the Red Warehouse in the Guildsman District.

Toridan did not want to talk; he spit on his interrogators and swore that he would tell them nothing. A bit of pain and a few threats on his body and life dimmed that resolution. Jan asked who hired him. The half-orc confessed that it was a man by the name of Methul Watcher who had asked that they subcontract the job. He didn’t know anything else about the man.

As the pair’s use was through, Pieter asked why he should let them live. They could not give him a satisfactory response, so the cleric killed them, despite the protests from his associates. Pieter and Louis argued, but the dispute was left unresolved.

Following their excursion, they returned to the Guildhouse of Iron, where they found Haberdon doing paperwork on a table. He greeted them, waved off the approaching guards, and asked for his key. Once it was returned, he assured the delvers that they owed him a favor. He would be in touch.



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