Capt. Kel Shose

A military commander from the last war.


Level 2 Warlord- Human


Str-16 Con-14 Dex-10 Int-16 Wis-10 Cha-10

Class Features:

  • Combat Leader
  • Tactical Presence
  • Inspiring Word 2/encounter


  • Commander’s Strike
  • Wolf Pack Tactics
  • Viper’s Strike
  • Warlord’s Favor
  • White Raven Onslaught
  • Knight’s Move


  • Tactical Assault
  • Human Perseverance
  • Improved Initiative

Trained Skills: Athletics (+9), Diplomacy (+6), Endurance (+8), Heal (+6), History (+9)

Combat Equipment: Hide Armor, Light Shield, Longsword, Glaive, Dagger, Javelin x2

Combat Stats AC:18 (with shield) Fort: 16 Ref: 16 Will: 13 Init: +5 Base Attack: +7 (with Longsword) Hit Points: 31 Healing Surges: 9 Speed: 6 (+1 to saves from Human Perseverance, grant allies a +2 to Initiative, grant allies a +1 (1/2 Int) to attack and +3 (Int) to damage when they spend an action point to make an attack)


(I’ll fill this out better later) -Deep mistrust for Goblins -Wants to reorganize the Army of the Empire in Ptolus -Wants to keep subordinates alive and well. Is very practical. Interested in engineering and magic only to how they can be applied to warfare (defense, weapons, communication, transportation) (considers magic-users to be artillery for example).

Capt. Kel Shose

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