Louis Aldund

Ex-noble, paladin of Bahamut


MHP 41, bloodied 20, surge 10; Str 16 (+4 with half-level); Con 14 (+3 with half-level); Dex 11 (+1 with half-level); Int 10 (+1 with half-level); Wis 13 (+2 with half-level); Cha 16 (+3 with half-level);

AC 22 (11 + 9 +1 Plate Armor of Exploits + 2 Heavy Shield); Fort 15 (11 + 3 Str mod + 1 class); Ref 14 (11 + 1 class + 2 Heavy Shield); Will 15 (11 + 3 Cha mod + 1 class);

Base Init +1; Speed 5 (base 6 – 1 Plate Armor);

Trained Skills: Diplomacy (+12), Heal (+7), Insight (+9), Religion (+6); Passive Insight/Perception: 19/12 (respectively) Armor Check Penalty: -4

Feats: Healing Hands (add Cha bonus to Lay on Hands value restored), Armor of Bahamut (grants Channel Divinity: Armor of Bahamut encounter power)

Equipment: Plate armor, Longsword, Heavy shield, Holy symbol, Standard adventurer’s kit, +1 Plate Armor of Exploits;

Powers: At-Will – Bolstering Strike, Enfeebling Strike; Encounter – Radiant Smite, Tide of Iron (through Dilettante), Invigorating Smite; Daily – Radiant Delirium; Utility – Sacred Circle (daily)


Louis Aldund is the bastard son of a human duke and an elvish princess. His mother died in childbirth, leading his elvish side to shun him; for this reason, he has never traveled to his mother’s homeland. His father spoiled him for eighteen years, during which time he became an excellent womanizer. He had to forsake his life of revelry at age eighteen, when he was enlisted in the military for political reasons.

After a year of basic training, he marched off to war against the city of Ptolus and became a minor hero fairly quickly. At twenty, he commanded a squad. That year, the enemy ambushed Louis’s regiment, wiping out all but Louis and his superior, who also happened to be his cousin and next in line for a dukeship himself. Louis’s cousin blamed him for the defeat, since it was Louis’s idea to take narrow side roads so that the enemy wouldn’t see them coming. In reality, not only did the enemy expect this course of action, they hired wizards and elvish archers to rain fire on the army, then pick them off with arrows. Louis, suppressing subconscious guilt, blamed his cousin for choosing to take the side roads. They were interned together for three months being held for ransom, each fostering a greater hatred for the other. During the siege, Louis’s cousin was bought back from the prison camp, but Louis was not.

While in the camp, shortly after the debilitating siege of Ptolus ended, Louis was walking in the slums. He saw a wight approach a defenseless child. Instinctively, Louis called out the wight, drawing it toward him. A battle ensued, and the wight won decisively, wounding Louis gravely. While he lay unconscious, Bahamut appeared to Louis and commanded him to continue the fight for justice in Ptolus. Meanwhile, Kel, the leader of the prison camp, came with soldiers, slew the wight, and stabilized Louis’s wounds, saving his life. Now Louis is indebted to Kel and to Bahamut; he wants to topple the government of Ptolus, take out organized crime from the inside, and remove the church of Lothian from political power.

Louis Aldund

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