Mistamere Manor

Located at the end of Toolosh street in the Noble’s Quarter, Mistamere Manor stands as a testament of the dangers of magic and how the dangers of Ptolus can reach anywhere.

The wizard Gygar was a hero of Ptolus several hundred years ago. When he retired from adventuring, he established Mistamere Manor as a place for his family to gather as well as a reliquary for the many magical gewgaws and oddities he had collected. Many members of the family, christened House Gygar by the Emperor, had a talent for the art and the estate became a prime site for magical experimentation. The house acquired a heroic, if eccentric, reputation.

But it was not to last. Rumors began to fly that the family had begun establishing sub-levels in their estate, which was located perilously close to the infamous Spire. Some said that these sub-levels had broken into areas of Ghul’s Labyrinth. The Wizard Gygar perished in 580 IA and the house’s reputation began to skew more towards eccentric and away from heroic. The great gate in front of the manor remained closed for weeks at a time and the few times people saw members of the wizardly house, it was in the form of paranoid and grasping spellcasters who were seeking allies against their own kin.

The end came in 620 IA, when the Inverted Pyramid received a letter from Eltab Gygar. That letter was born directly to the city commissar and has become a matter of public record.

“Our cousins have fallen into shadow. We will not allow the corruption of our family to spread from our ancestral home to darken the city. They must be stopped before they open the Banewarrens. If you do not hear from us again, know that we died doing as we thought necessary for the good of the city.”

The manor exploded one night in a cataclysm of magical fire, leaving the estate in ruins and the members of the house slain to a wizard. Since then, the house has become a byword for the dangers of Ptolus in general and magic run amok in specific. Several groups of monsters have used the ruins of the manor as a hideaway in the intervening time and Delvers have explored the ruins in search of magical treasure. Several Noble families would like to see the place swept out of the Quarter entirely, but debates over how to go about it have kept any action from being taken.

Recently, reports have come to the ears of the Delver’s Guild that the Sorn Assassin Bargle has taken up residence in the Manor. His rumored connection to the Killraven Crime League means that he likely has demihuman assistants helping to maintain security in the ruin.

Mistamere Manor

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